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InternetPerils, Inc. offers products for Internet Business Risk Management. Building on its GAIN (Gap Analysis of Internet Networks) data fusion platform and its PerilScope™ visualization of topology and performance, InternetPerils, Inc. provides automated and interactive products delivered through the web, plus training and professional services. These products and services can inform the most sophisticated and demanding Internet Risk Management requirements.

Many Internet risks outside the firewall cannot be eliminated by any single enterprise, not even using traditional Internet risk management strategies such as security and performance solutions, yet such risks have grown too large and frequent to be accepted. InternetPerils, Inc. extends Internet business risk management strategies into insurance, reinsurance, capital withholding, and hedge instruments such as catastrophe bonds and performance bonds. Such economic derivatives augment customer in-house finanical expertise in turning Internet volatility into a manageable and, as importantly, a securitizable risk.

Selected InternetPerils product features for specific industries:

Financial Services:



  • Phishing clusters per ISP.
  • Enabling performance bonds to reduce SLA goodwill payouts
  • Third-party claim adjustment for payout credibility
  • Internet-wide topology and performance for peering deployment


  • Collecting, analyzing, and visualizing Internet peril and anomaly data, and translating it into forms for actuarial tables
  • Assessing enterprise Internet connectivity for policy and bond pricing
  • PerilSnap Visualizing Internet neighborhoods for use by brokers in policy and bond sales and claims adjustment


  • Drawing a holistic and synoptic view of the Internet for critical infrastructure protection
  • Focusing a fine-resolution big picture to promote high standards of industry diligence
  • Tracking anomaly diffusion and industry impacts for cases where industry diligence can never be enough


  • Examination of Internet-wide peril topology and performance for choosing ISPs and server sites.
  • Display details of anomalies as they occur to inform customers and providers
  • Aggregate risk reports for management and financial oversight

Firms that use the Internet have rapidly increasing operational exposures. Traditional Internet performance and security attempt to accept or eliminate risks. Those strategies are no longer enough in the face of risks that have grown beyond gales of occasional viruses to cyber-hurricanes of mixed worms, viruses, and spam, plus power outages, cable cuts, routing flaps, and terrorist attacks. InternetPerils extends the strategies available for Internet risk by enabling further strategies such as hedge, insure, or self-insure that are already in use by electric utilities, municipalities, and derivatives markets.

Product Packages


PerilSnap takes a snapshot of the user's Internet neighborhood. PerilSnapPlus or PerilSnap Deluxe examine multiple addresses and get over time animations!


PhishScope shows free animations of selected clusters of phishing servers.


PhishCam is a subscription service that shows animations of clusters of phishing servers per ISP, updated regularly three times a week.

InternetPerils Extends Risk Management Strategies
Because many Internet risks outside the firewall cannot be eliminated by any single enterprise, risk management strategies must go beyond traditional security and performance solutions.
Anomaly Reporting Banks, financial services companies, and other enterprises need timely contextual anomaly reports to demonstrate competence and reliability to customers. and to notify ISPs that are having problems that affect the enterprise.
Peril Reporting Enterprise management and engineering needs aggregated and detailed peril and anomaly reporting for server placement and ISP connection deployment.
Visual Language Finance and engineering departments need a visual common language to facilitate cost containment, deployment, and customer support.
Diffusion Tracking Government and industry require a holistic and synoptic view to determine effects, spread, and sources of Force majeure risks that can affect whole industries.
Insurance Policies Insurers need historical and ongoing information from InternetPerils for actuarial tables, assessments, sales, and adjustments.
Catastrophe Bonds Re-insurers need cat bonds for financial capacity. Insurers need data from InternetPerils for cat bonds.
Performance Bonds Telecomms need performance bonds to reduce SLA payouts. Insurers need data from InternetPerils for perf bonds.
Self-Insurance Basel II operational risk capital withholding requires aggregate Internet anomaly information.