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Privacy Policy

InternetPerils is an information services company which gathers, analyzes and interprets data concerning the world-wide Internet.

InternetPerils respects each company's and individual's right to privacy. We collect and use information only in the ways disclosed in this statement.

Part I. Information Collection

InternetPerils collects information through our detection devices at many locations throughout the Internet.

We collect data in two general categories:

  1. Network performance data:
    • traceroute
    • ping

    We verify the accuracy of this information through repeated measurements from various points of view.

  2. Personal information for InternetPerils web site access:

    We collect information about users of the InternetPerils web site by asking users to register. Most data is voluntary, however we do require name, and valid email addresses. We use the email address to confirm site registration.

Part II. Information Usage.

The network information collected by InternetPerils will be used for analysis of topography, traffic and ownership of Internet routers, exchanges and other hosts (name servers, mail servers, etc.).

The personal information (name, email) is not released to any other organization and is used solely by InternetPerils for business development purposes.

If you have any further questions about privacy or security, please contact us by sending an email to:
info at .