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PerilFold: Egypt Returns 2 February 2011 ...more

Egypt returned to the Internet at 09:30 GMT 2 February 2011, 11:30AM Egyptian time:

Egypt Returns 2 February 2011

Figure 1: Egypt Returns 2 February 2011

Ellipses in these graphs represent servers; boxes represent routers; colors of boxes reflect ownership of parts of the network.
Arrows show the varying connectivity among them: green is fast, yellow is slow, orange is slower, and red is very slow.
Times are GMT.

Graphs were produced using PerilScope™, which is InternetPerils' interactive topology examination interface, based upon the GAIN platform.

The red octagons are six destinations InternetPerils was watching. All six destinations were unreachable up through 9:15 GMT, and are depicted in frames up to then showing nothing but gray arrows for no response, all the way from the camera.

First Returned

At 9:30 GMT three nodes show normal paths in Figure 2:
These first returned nodes are the same ones that were first off when Egypt disconnected on 27 January 2011.

2 February 2011 Three Egyptians nodes back online

Figure 2: 2 February 2011 Three Egyptian nodes back online

Note that this initial routing isn't really quite right yet. For example, the path to goes through New York on FLAG ( and hops the ocean (140 ms red arrow to, but gets no further (only grey arrows from there on), as seen in Figure 3:

2 February 2011 Routing attempt to Egypt through FLAG

Figure 3: 2 February 2011 Routing attempt to Egypt through FLAG

This timing of routing returns matches what RIPE saw in BGP route announcements from Egypt returning between 8:30 and 9:00 GMT 2 February 2011.

Normal Routing

Fifteen minutes later at 9:45 GMT, the other half of the destinations are reachable again, as shown in Figure 4:

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