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As hurricane Ivan swept across island nations, it produced damage not only on land but under sea also. The Cayman Island network connection to Florida was severed sometime just after 8am local time.

The animation below illustrates the loss of connectivity. The various boxes and the arrows show the varying connectivity among the depicted routers.

The colors reflect the ownership of parts of the network. Times are GMT.

Hurricane Ivan and Cayman Islands animated gif
Hurricane Ivan focused on Cayman Islands September 12, 2004

InternetPerils makes regular collections of data about the Internet. These animated graphs depict a selection of nodes.

As Hurricane Ivan was busy destroying home and businesses on the surface of the island, the storm was also busy isolating the island's network infrastructure.

Movement and pressure from the hurricane on Saturday and Sunday damaged the two cables, that run from Jamaica to the Cayman Islands and from the Cayman Islands to Florida, said Cable & Wireless spokesman Errol Miller, who spoke from his office in Kingston.

Connectivity to hosts in the Cayman Islands appears to be provided through a single point in Florida. Notice how three different routes to the focus node (pink in the center) all traverse a purple box just below it in the center. InternetPerils calls this type of link or node a PerilPoint. That is to say, a potential for catastrophe exists if one node, or the link between nodes is damaged, destroyed or out of service.

Connectivity to hosts in Jamacia appear to be provided through a different network, traversing three routes to a Jamacian destination (red node in the upper right). Nodes on this network were unaffected by the disruption in service between Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and the Cayman Islands and Florida.

Even though many ISPs provide redundant routing through the core of their networks, sometimes there is just one route. If this is the case, then service can be interrupted for a variety of reasons, including congestion, DDoS, or physical damage.

Such outages have business consequences. No rain, nor wind may have been in your location but if you expecting a wire transfer to or from the Cayman Islands your transaction will have been delayed. If you thought you might use VoIP to the Cayman Islands this week, to check with friends and relatives who live or visit there, the service might not work as you expect or is perhaps unavailable.

InternetPerils can help you control your Internet business risk, by showing how oscillations and interruptions in the Internet affect you, your suppliers, and your customers.

North East Power Outage Demo

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