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InternetPerils, Inc. is an Internet business risk management intelligence agency. It provides automated quantification and visualization products for risk managers and underwriters, so they can identify, track, analyze, and forecast adverse Internet performance episodes and interruptions that comprise the Internet risks that harm their enterprises.

The company's PerilScope™ visualization interface, its GAIN network peril monitoring platform, and its quantification models produce intelligence about risks inside the Internet that cannot be estimated at or by any individual enterprise viewing events from inside its own network. Enterprises formerly could only infer bits and pieces from experience and anecdotes; InternetPerils' third-party point of view provides a comprehensive, synoptic summarization of Internet risks and conditions.

The company's principals, directors, and advisors arrive at this task with decades of experience in designing, managing and deploying TCP/IP networks for industry, government and academia and, as importantly, quantifying risk for the construction of market models, decision-making algorithms, and trading systems using multi-dimensional statistical systems.

As global dependency on the Internet advances in every dimension of life and commerce, so does the necessity of Internet risk visualization, risk quantification, and the establishment of Internet-relevant risk transfer instruments. Only at InternetPerils, Inc. do the disciplines required to authentically engage these exigencies meet to build a bridge to the future of Internet risk management.


Management Team
Management's provenance dates to the Internet's genesis, including Internet performance measurements earlier and longer than anyone else.

Board of Directors
The board assembles some of the visionaries and pioneers of the global Internet's construction and its commercialization into a global commerce and trading platform.

Board of Advisors
InternetPeril's advisors include global visionaries in Internet visualization, performance, security, multi-dimensional statistical modeling and the economics of information technology.


Quantification of cyber-Hurricanes
Read our white papers about the development of quantification schema for perils and anomalies that are in the Internet outside the firewall and thus beyond the direct control of any enterprise: quantification makes these risks manageable.

Gap Analysis of Internet Networks
Patent-pending GAIN technology uses ongoing data collection, fusion, and aggregation to enable deep analysis of perils such as nonredundant routes and congested routers, and anomalies such as worms, cable cuts, and routing flaps.

InternetPerils' PerilScope™ provides interactive visualization of the Internet's topology and performance across space and time.